[openstack-dev] [collectd-ceilometer-plugin] dpdkstat related meters are not displayed under "ceilometer meter-list"

gordon chung gord at live.ca
Thu Jun 1 13:01:22 UTC 2017

On 01/06/17 03:51 AM, rajeev.satyanarayana at wipro.com wrote:
> I am working on bringing up Newton version of Openstack on 3
> Nodes(Controller, Compute and Network). I am using OVS with DPDK on my
> Compute Node and to get dpdk port related statistics on my Ceilometer, I
> have configured collectd to use DPDKSTAT plugin and also enabled the
> collectd-ceilometer-plugin as mentioned in their docs. I have used
> mongodb as the database for ceilometer service. I have observed that
> “ceilometer meter-list” doesn’t display any of the dpdkstat related
> meters, but when I issue “ceilometer sample-list –m
> dpdkstat.if_rx_packets” I get a table populated with resource-id and
> other details. I am not sure why “ceilometer meter-list” is not able to
> list my new dpdkstat meters.

you see them in sample-list and not meter-list? if that's the case, it's 
probably because the api doesn't return full dataset. i believe it's 
limited to 100 or a 1000.

regardless, i'm going to add obligatory ceilometer storage is 
unsupported and deprecated. use Gnocchi[1] or another time-series 
optimised solution. you're going to run into massive scaling issues 
(each datapoint in mongodb driver is over >1KB), especially if you're 
collecting collectd stats.

[1] http://gnocchi.xyz


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