[openstack-dev] [qa][tc][all] Tempest to reject trademark tests

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Thu Jun 1 09:51:50 UTC 2017

Graham Hayes wrote:
> On 01/06/17 01:30, Matthew Treinish wrote:
>> TBH, it's a bit premature to have the discussion. These additional programs do
>> not exist yet, and there is a governance road block around this. Right now the
>> set of projects that can be used defcore/interopWG is limited to the set of 
>> projects in:
>> https://governance.openstack.org/tc/reference/tags/tc_approved-release.html
> Sure - but that is a solved problem, when the interop committee is
> ready to propose them, they can add projects into that tag. Or am I
> misunderstanding [1] (again)?

I think you understand it well. The Board/InteropWG should propose
additions/removals of this tag, which will then be approved by the TC:


> [...]
>> We had a forum session on it (I can't find the etherpad for the session) which
>> was pretty speculative because it was about planning the new programs. Part of
>> that discussion was around the feasibility of using tests in plugins and whether
>> that would be desirable. Personally, I was in favor of doing that for some of
>> the proposed programs because of the way they were organized it was a good fit.
>> This is because the proposed new programs were extra additions on top of the
>> base existing interop program. But it was hardly a definitive discussion.
> Which will create 2 classes of testing for interop programs.

FWIW I would rather have a single way of doing "tests used in trademark
programs" without differentiating between old and new trademark programs.

I fear that we are discussing solutions before defining the problem. We

1- Decentralize test maintenance, through more tempest plugins, to
account for limited QA resources
2- Additional codereview constraints and approval rules for tests that
happen to be used in trademark programs
3- Discoverability/ease-of-install of the set of tests that happen to be
used in trademark programs
4- A git repo layout that can be simply explained, for new teams to

It feels like the current git repo layout (result of that 2016-05-04
resolution) optimizes for 2 and 3, which kind of works until you add
more trademark programs, at which point it breaks 1 and 4.

I feel like you could get 2 and 3 without necessarily using git repo
boundaries (using Gerrit approval rules and some tooling to install/run
subset of tests across multiple git repos), which would allow you to
optimize git repo layout to get 1 and 4...

Or am I missing something ?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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