[openstack-dev] [docs][release][stable][ptl][infra] Strategic discussion regarding the future of documentation for EOL releases

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Jul 28 19:39:25 UTC 2017

On 2017-07-28 15:32:01 -0400 (-0400), David Desrosiers wrote:
> I am very opposed to removing subsets of docs, including the install guide,
> after the release goes eol upstream from consumers for exactly that reason.
> Watermarking the upstream docs with series and version should reduce or
> eliminate the need for people to incorrectly submit fixes, patches and PRs
> for eol releases that the core team can no longer support, but that
> shouldn't necessitate removal of the installation instructions.

Perhaps a compromise is to add very visible banners that explicitly
remind the reader they're looking at installation instructions for
an outdated version of the software, with a link to see the current
installation instructions instead? Simply relying on newcomers to
recognize release series names and inherently know whether they're
reading the latest version is an issue.
Jeremy Stanley
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