[openstack-dev] [Tacker] Proposing yanxingan for Tacker core

gongys2017 gongys2017 at aliyun.com
Thu Jul 27 04:44:40 UTC 2017

I am proposing we add Yan xingan as a Tacker core.

Yanxingan is woking in china mobile, a telecom company which has big requirement
on NFV MANO. We are proud of having him on tacker team, and promoting the usage of
tacker in his company.

In not long time, he has contributed lots on project, such as review, BP and active in tacker project meeting.
he has also done presentation on tacker to make propaganda of this project.

Tacker cores, please respond with your opinion. If no reason is given to do
otherwise, I will add Yan xingan to the core group in one week.

Yong Sheng Gong

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/q/owner:yanxingan%2540cmss.chinamobile.com
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