[openstack-dev] [oslo.db] [ndb] ndb namespace throughout openstack projects

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Wed Jul 26 23:28:34 UTC 2017

> I do think a real migration that simply reduces the sizes of selected
> columns is the best approach in this case, and that the types like
> AutoStringXYZ should go away completely.
> To that end I've proposed reverting the one ndb patchset that has
> merged which is the one in Cinder:
> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/487603/
> However, if Cinder declines to revert this, the "AutoXYZ" types in
> oslo.db (which have also been released) will have to go through a
> deprecation cycle.

I have just approved this revert. I would really like to see MySQL
cluster support added, but it appears we need to work though some
things yet. I'd rather we get something in early in Queens so we
have the whole cycle to work through any unintended consequences.


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