[openstack-dev] help required regarding devstack

Ziad Nayyer ziadnayyer at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 13:43:25 UTC 2017


I am a PhD candidate at COMSATS, lahore, Pakistan. I am working on
devstack. Just wanted to know whether it supports VM Migration between two
devstacks installed on two different physical machines as currently I am
unable to find any lead. Also please let me know how to restart a
particular service on devstack version pike on centos7.

The screen file is not being generated in devstack folder ->stack-screenrc
and systemctl only restarts keystone not any other like nova-compute

sudo systemctl restart devstack at keystone (works)
sudo systemctl restart devstack at nova
sudo systemctl restart devstack at nova-compute

and any other does not work.

I'll be very thankful.


Muhammad Ziad Nayyer Dar
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