[openstack-dev] [TripleO] breaking changes, new container image parameter formats

Jiří Stránský jistr at redhat.com
Mon Jul 24 13:17:14 UTC 2017

On 19.7.2017 14:41, Dan Prince wrote:
> I wanted to give a quick heads up on some breaking changes that started
> landing last week with regards to how container images are specified
> with Heat parameters in TripleO. There are a few patches associated
> with converting over to the new changes but the primary patches are
> listed below here [1] and here [2].
> Here are a few examples where I'm using a local (insecure) docker
> registry on
> The old parameters were:
>    ....
>    DockerNamespaceIsRegistry: true
>    DockerNamespace:
>    DockerKeystoneImage: centos-binary-keystone:latest
>    ...
> The new parameters simplify things quite a bit so that each
> Docker*Image parameter contains the *entire* URL required to pull the
> docker image. It ends up looking something like this:
>    ...
>    DockerInsecureRegistryAddress:
>    DockerKeystoneImage:
> keystone:latest
>    ...
> The benefit of the new format is that it makes it possible to pull
> images from multiple registries without first staging them to a local
> docker registry. Also, we've removed the 'tripleoupstream' default
> container names and now require them to be specified. Removing the
> default should make it much more explicit that the end user has
> specified container image names correctly and doesn't accidentally use
> 'tripleoupstream' by accident because one of the container image
> parameters didn't get specified.

Additional info based on #tripleo discussion: To keep using the values 
that were the defaults, you need to add `-e 
$THT_PATH/environments/docker-centos-tripleoupstream.yaml` [3] to the 
`openstack overcloud deploy` command.

> Finally the simplification of the
> DockerInsecureRegistryAddress parameter into a single setting makes
> things more clear to the end user as well.
> A new python-tripleoclient command makes it possible to generate a
> custom heat environment with defaults for your environment and
> registry. For the examples above I can run 'overcloud container image
> prepare' to generate a custom heat environment like this:
> openstack overcloud container image prepare --
> namespace= --env-
> file=$HOME/containers.yaml
> We choose not to implement backwards compatibility with the old image
> formats as almost all of the Heat parameters here are net new in Pike
> and as such have not yet been released yet. The changes here should
> make it much easier to manage containers and work with other community
> docker registries like RDO, etc.
> [1] http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/tripleo-heat-templates/comm
> it/?id=e76d84f784d27a7a2d9e5f3a8b019f8254cb4d6c
> [2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/479398/17
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