[openstack-dev] [tripleo] [kolla] [rdo] EPEL and RDO in Kolla containers

David Moreau Simard dms at redhat.com
Tue Jul 18 01:10:55 UTC 2017


Just FYI...

I took a bit of time to document what seems to be most (if not all)
dependencies that vanilla Kolla currently pulls from EPEL on CentOS
Binary builds.
This list is documented here [1].

TripleO doesn't use all the CentOS binary containers from Kolla, only
a subset of those is relevant to the projects supported in TripleO
right now.
In that context, removing EPEL means adding a few overrides [2] to get
the image builds to work in the first place.

I haven't tested the containers deployed with these overrides so there
might be issues, I'm not sure.
There's some odd package mismatches due to the use of EPEL that
haven't been picked up, too.
For example, both "python2-msgpack" and "python2-crypto" are provided
by EPEL, however these packages aren't available from RDO and are
instead respectively named "python-msgpack" and "python-crypto".

[1]: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kolla-epel
[2]: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/484444/

David Moreau Simard
Senior Software Engineer | Openstack RDO

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