[openstack-dev] [TripleO] Let's use Ansible to deploy OpenStack services on Kubernetes

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Mon Jul 17 15:12:59 UTC 2017

On 17/07/17 09:47 -0400, James Slagle wrote:
>On Mon, Jul 17, 2017 at 8:05 AM, Flavio Percoco <flavio at redhat.com> wrote:
>> Thanks for all the feedback so far. This is one of the things I appreciate
>> the
>> most about this community, Open conversations, honest feedback and will to
>> collaborate.
>> I'm top-posting to announce that we'll have a joint meeting with the Kolla
>> team
>> on Wednesday at 16:00 UTC. I know it's not an ideal time for many (it's not
>> for
>> me) but I do want to have a live discussion with the rest of the Kolla team.
>> Some questions about the meeting:
>> * How much time can we allocate?
>> * Can we prepare an agenda rather than just discussing "TripleO is thinking
>> of
>>  using Ansible and not kolla-kubernetes"? (I'm happy to come up with such
>>  agenda)
>It may help to prepare some high level requirements around what we
>need out of a solution. For the ansible discussion I started this
>How we use Ansible and what we want to use it for, is related to this
>discussion around Helm. Although, it's not the exact same discussion,
>so if you wanted to start a new etherpad more specific to
>tripleo/kubernetes that may be good as well.
>One thing I think is important in this discussion is that we should be
>thinking about deploying containers on both Kubernetes and
>!Kubernetes. That is one of the reasons I like the ansible approach,
>in that I think it could address both cases with a common interface
>and API. I don't think we should necessarily choose a solution that
>requires to deploy on Kubernetes. Because then we are stuck with that
>choice. It'd be really nice to just "docker run" sometimes for
>dev/test. I don't know if Helm has that abstraction or not, I'm just
>trying to capture the requirement.


Thanks for pointing this out as this is one of the reasons why I was proposing
ansible as our common interface w/o any extra layer.

I'll probably start a new etherpad for this as I would prefer not to distract
the rest of the TripleO + ansible discussion. At the end, if ansible ends up
being the tool we pick, I'll make sure to update your etherpad.


>If you consider the parallel with Heat in this regard, we are
>currently "stuck" deploying on OpenStack (undercloud with Heat). We've
>had to work an a lot of complimentary features to add the flexibility
>to TripleO that are a result of having to use OpenStack (OVB,
>That's exactly why we are starting a discussion around using Ansible,
>and is one of the fundamental changes that operators have been
>requesting in TripleO.
>-- James Slagle
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