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Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue Jul 11 23:09:36 UTC 2017

On 2017-07-11 23:25:40 +0100 (+0100), Chris Dent wrote:
> ## "big tent" and "hosted projects"
> Does anyone recall where this topic landed, or if it hasn't yet
> landed, does anyone have good ideas on how to get it to land?

My favorite responses gravitated toward (paraphrasing, and apologies
for not bothering to dig up citations) "let's shelve this and focus
on the TC and OpenStack visions first, then come back to it when we
can say which proposed solutions actually further those visions."
Monty also indicated he's piecing together a related proposal of
some sort, which I'll let him surprise everyone with when he gets it
into what he considers a presentable state.

Rather than waiting for discussion to conclude, we've already
started to do some things everyone agreed were low-cost and at worst
harmless: Sean pinned the "popular" (according to the Project
Navigator) repos in the main GH org and began manually adding topics
to them for some of the more useful governance tags
(follows-standard-deprecation and compute-starter-kit so far), while
Monty played around a little with some options for standardizing
repo descriptions there and I had a go at clarifying the org
descriptions. Infra also (I think) has achieved some consensus that
we could give up maintaining those GH mirrors in favor of handing
them over to someone who wants to handle them more like the social
media platform they are, performing selectively curated but still
near-real-time replication of repos with standalone automation.

Further, we've been actively looking into ways to filter or
otherwise reorganize the git.o.o site to make it easier to group
repositories by official governance or perhaps sliced across other
axes of metadata at our disposal (much simpler to automate than GH
since we have complete control over the platform serving that). I
believe it's also possible that we could do some symlink and/or
redirect tricks to make official clone and browse URLs stop
requiring namespaces even before we do something as thorough as
https://review.openstack.org/461878 , and intend to further
investigate our options there.
Jeremy Stanley
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