[openstack-dev] [heat] Online video meet up this week (topic:review)

Rico Lin rico.lin.guanyu at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 17:47:02 UTC 2017

Hi Team

We would like to start doing video online meetup and see if we can all
reach better co-work with that.
The reason for doing this is because we're a global team which almost
impossible for all of us to literally sit in the same room in PTG/anywhere
(it's just not possible to ask all companies to shift all their heat
developers/ops to a single event).
Also, we should not wait till PTG or Summit to deal with all face to face
task (at least not for small tasks).
Anyway, we will make our meeting this week as an online video meeting. And
try to see if that format works for us or not. And if we doing well, we
might also consider making PTG a hybrid mode.

Here are the details:
Topic: Review
Time: Wednesdays at 1500 UTC on 07/12 (1 hr)
Location: zoom.us (I will notify the specific room location in heat's irc
channel right before the meeting)

1. pre meetup discuss
2. We shall go with patches for BPs and Goals first
3. then pick out some worth review patch for review and land as many as we
4. post meetup discuss (include feedback and suggestion time)

Host: Rico Lin
*Pre-requirement: Please register a Zoom account (zoom.us <http://zoom.us>)
which will be the channel that we will use for this meetup*

With that free account, you should be able to join the meeting. Just
remember to install zoom on your device. And don't worry it's easy to join
and operate.

Do hope more people(core or not) to join this meeting, which might also be
a good chance to get a more clear view of what heat's new feature or bug
fix in detail. We need more reviewer together, so see you there!!
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