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Inline for “set instance state”


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Hi dwj,

Adding [aodh] for item #2.
Please see my answers inline.

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For the integration Vitrage with doctor, I have some issues which need to be confirmed~  :)

1.  Notification strategies: conservative (nova->Aodh)


In the host_down_scenarios.yaml[1], we only set the host state as error.

But in doctor current use case, we need to call nova API 'nova reset-state' to set instance state as error to trigger the event alarm and notify the consumer.

Is it needed to be fix?

[Tomi] Either to have this fixed or propose an alternative in Doctor project where project (tenant) is able to have alarm about instances affected by other means. Project anyhow already know about “host forced down” in Nova servers API trough “host_status”, so it is just about getting an alarm on instance (server) level also.

We need to add 'Aodh' and 'Nova' notifier plugins in Vitrage config file for doctor integration,  right?

[Ifat] Vitrage currently doesn’t call set instance state, but this can easily be added. The required steps are:

  *   Add “set state” action for the instances in the template yaml file
  *   In the Nova notifier, add a call to nova reset-state API
  *   The Aodh plugin is not needed in this case, since the flow is Vitrage -> Nova -> Aodh with no direct calls from Vitrage to Aodh

2. Notification strategies: shortcut  (inspector->Aodh)


Do we have any plans to change to shortcut notification?


If we use the shortcut notification, in the Aodh notifier plugin, maybe we need to create aodh alarm with 'alarm_actions'.

[Ifat] The Aodh plugin is defined as a POC, and is not very usable. We have discussed with the Aodh team possible enhancements (like adding an “external/custon alarm” in Aodh) that will enable creating an Aodh alarm from Vitrage, but we didn’t reach a clear conclusion. There are a few problems with the current implementation, related to the facts that the event-alarm does not exactly suit the use case; and that Vitrage may raise the same alarm several times for different instances. If you chose the shortcut strategy, we will have to open this discussion again.

Having that said, I believe that the shortcut strategy is much better for Vitrage. While on the conservative strategy we can support notifications to Nova, in the shortcut strategy we can write the Aodh plugin once and support all kinds of notifications (to Nova, Neutron, Heat or even external components) with no additional effort.

Correct me if I miss something.

[1]. https://github.com/openstack/vitrage/blob/master/etc/vitrage/templates.sample/host_down_scenarios.yaml



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