[openstack-dev] [puppet][fuel] Proposal to drop Fuel CI jobs from Puppet CI

Alex Schultz aschultz at redhat.com
Thu Jul 6 15:35:22 UTC 2017

Hey folks,

Since Fuel has been recently moved to a hosted project and there is
very little activity anymore, I am proposing (with much sadness) that
we remove the Fuel CI jobs from Puppet CI.  This is being brought up
because we have a change in puppet-swift that is going to break the
fuel jobs and without any movement on the proposed fix[1] for it in
Fuel, it would seem that we'll end up just breaking Fuel without
anyone to fix it.  I'd love to keep it around because it adds
additional coverage for us but since it seems to no longer being kept
current, I'd rather not block future patches due to broken Fuel CI.
Let me know if there are any objections or happy alternatives.  If
there's no response I'll work on the removal next week (~July 13,


[0] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/445998/
[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/475043/

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