[openstack-dev] [release] Release countdown for week R-3 (Ocata RC1 Target), 30 Jan - 3 Feb

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Thu Jan 26 19:36:10 UTC 2017


This week is the Release Candidate target deadline for all
milestone-based projects. Only bug fixes and previously agreed
feature freeze extensions should be merged into master branches.
The RC1 is only 1 week after feature freeze, which is different
from our usual 2 week freeze period, so please stay on top of reviews
and minimize FFEs accordingly.

The requirements list for Ocata is frozen. We will reopen it after
all of the cycle-with-milestones projects have stable branches

Release Tasks

Review the changes to your projects over the Ocata cycle and ensure
that any necessary release notes are present.

Optionally, add "prelude" release notes to summarize the work that
has been done and highlight anything of special importance.

All projects following the cycle-with-milestones or cycle-with-intermediary
release models should prepare a release candidate by the deadline
on Thursday 2 Feb. Even cycle-with-intermediary projects should
consider this release a candidate, especially for those projects
who have not released at all yet this cycle.

Projects following the cycle-with-milestones model should propose
a patch to openstack/releases to create a 0rc1 tag and a new
stable/ocata branch. Unlike the milestone tags, with release
candidates it is best to wait until the deadline when the project
is stable. This avoids having several release candidates tagged
close together, which discourages users from testing early candidates.

Projects following the cycle-with-intermediary release model should
also include the stable/ocata branch with their release. Library
deliverables that have been frozen will need a separate branch

Projects following the release-independent model and tagging releases
outside of the automation should review the history of the deliverable
in openstack/releases and update it, if necessary.

General Notes

After this release cycle I will be reviewing the list of cycle-based
projects that do not prepare releases and providing that information
to the TC for a discussion about whether those projects should be
considered inactive, and therefore should be removed from the
official list. All deliverables saw at least one release for Newton,
and I hope we have the same results for Ocata.

The deadline for documenting community wide goal completion artifacts
is the end of the cycle. Please update the Ocata goals page with
any information needed to understand how the goal affected your
project, and whether there is any work left to be done.

Important Dates

Ocata RC1 target: 2 Feb

Ocata Final Release candidate deadline: 16 Feb

Ocata release schedule:

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