[openstack-dev] [all] PTG coordination tooling

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Jan 25 10:47:28 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

The PTG is just a few weeks away, and I wanted to discuss logistics a
bit. As you probably know, we won't do any central scheduling, beyond
assigning rooms to teams and days. Each team is free to arrange their
time in their room in the way that is the most productive to them. You
can find a list of the planning etherpads (as well as the day/team
mapping) at:


That said, we still need a bit of centralized communication beyond each
room, in particular to enable inter-team discussions and be able to
attract specific people in your room to have specific discussions.
Rather than use physical giant panels in a central place and
loudspeakers PSAs, the current proposed plan is to go digital with:

1/ An event IRC channel (#openstack-ptg)

The idea is to encourage all attendees to join that channel, and use it
to facilitate pings from room to room, or do public service
announcements across the event. It's probably also a good idea to have
in every room at least one person monitoring the channel, able to relay
urgent messages to the people in the room.

2/ An EtherCalc-powered dynamic schedule for the extra discussion rooms

We'll have a number of extra rooms available. One fishbowl room where we
can schedule any necessary inter-team discussion, but also a few dark
rooms equipped with projectors and screens, for those moments where you
really need to project something on a screen (event budget unfortunately
did not allow us to have AV in every room). To facilitate that dynamic
scheduling, the proposed plan is to use EtherCalc-powered spreadsheet
tables. The Infra team is currently working on getting us an EtherCalc
instance that we'll be able to use for that (and for everything else
spreadsheets are better than plain text for). The idea would be to
divide the day into 30-min bits and let people schedule stuff there.
It's difficult to predict how those will be used, but if we realize
there are just too many random teams booking that space, we'll probably
have to give official teams and cross-project topics some priority.

Any comment on those proposals ?
Any other suggestion I could relay to the events team ?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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