[openstack-dev] [Neutron] PTL Candidacy

Kevin Benton kevin at benton.pub
Mon Jan 23 02:35:18 UTC 2017

I would like to propose my candidacy for the Neutron PTL.

I have been contributing to Neutron since the Havana development
cycle working for a network vendor and then a distribution vendor.
I have been a core reviewer since the Kilo development cycle and
I am on the Neutron stable maintenance team as well as the drivers

I have a few priorities that I would focus on as PTL:

* Cleanup and simplification of the existing code: In addition to
supporting the ongoing work of converting all data access into OVO models,
I would like the community to continue breaking down code using the
callback event system. We should eliminate as many extension-specific
mixins and special-cases from the core as possible so it becomes very easy
to reason about and stable from a code-churn perspective. This approach
forces us to add appropriate event notifications to the core to build
service plugins and drivers out of tree without requiriing modifications to
the core.

* Reinstating VPNaaS: this project accomplishes its goals reasonably well
and it solves a clear use case. There has been enough interest from
contributors on the mailing list that we should be able to find enough
resources to at least keep it maintained even if no large features are

* Switch to Pecan and eliminate old API code: we have been working on the
new Pecan rewrite for several cycles now. With the current patches open for
review, we have parity with the existing API and it should be safe to

* Enhance DVR to solve additional use cases requested by the community: I
would like us to enable SNAT at the compute nodes for cases where
consumption of IPs for each compute ndoe from the external network is not a
concern. I would also like us to allow the central node to provide floating
IP translations for ports unserviced by DVR local nodes (e.g. unbound
ports, baremetal ports, ports on compute nodes not attached directly to the
external network).

* Bring on new core reviewers: we suffered from attrition of our core team
during this last cycle due to some fundamental changes at a few of the
major contributing companies. We have several strong contributors that I
would like to see take on a core reviewer role so we can keep our review
backlog under control.

* Support services being built on Neutron: whether it's BGPVPN, Kuryr, SFC,
Octavia, Ironic, or whatever else, I want Neutron to provide the building
blocks and primitives necessary to fulfill the needs of these projects.
This means supporting initiatives like neutron-lib, agent extensions, and
future API enhancements to provide more control over core resource behavior.

* Add tooling to keep the review backlog under control: I would like to
look into a bot that can harass us in the channel if a patch sits for too
long without feedback. I want to avoid having patches sit in our queue for
months at a time because it results in fixes falling through the cracks.

Kevin Benton (kevinbenton)
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