[openstack-dev] [deployment][TripleO][kolla][ansible][fuel] Next steps for cross project collaboration

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 23:48:36 UTC 2017

On 02/27/2017 11:02 AM, Steven Hardy wrote:
> Hi all,
> Over the recent PTG, and previously at the design summit in Barcelona,
> we've had some productive cross-project discussions amongst the various
> deployment teams.
> It's clear that we share many common problems, such as patterns for major
> version upgrades (even if the workflow isn't identical we've all duplicated
> effort e.g around basic nova upgrade workflow recently), container images
> and other common building blocks for configuration management.


> Perhaps we can start by using the tag "deployment" in all cross-project ML
> traffic, then potentially discuss IRC (or even regular meetings) if it
> becomes apparrent these would add value beyond ML discussion?
> Please follow up here if anyone has other/better ideas on how to facilitate
> ongoing cross-team discussion and I'll do my best to help move things
> forward.

This is awesome to see collaboration here. Big plus from me. Don't 
forget to also include the Chef, Puppet, SaltStack and OpenStack-Helm 
communities, too :)


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