[openstack-dev] [requirements] Managing project requirements

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Mon Feb 27 15:42:11 UTC 2017

On 2017-02-27 11:42:22 +0100 (+0100), Andreas Scheuring wrote:
> Thanks all for your feedback. Seeing things much clearer now.
> One last thing: How is the requirements bot being triggered?
> - For OpenStack libraries by the jenkins job that handles the tag
> (if the metadata is provided)?

Yes, new releases through our CI of libraries we maintain directly
propose updates for their particular entries into the constraints
list if they have any (which is presently sometimes painful due to
merge-conflict between one another and so discussion is underway as
to how to potentially batch or stack them).

> - for external libraries? Is the a cronjob every 2 weeks or so? Or
> is it even daily except during the requirements freeze?

General constraints updates are proposed daily to catch entries
corresponding to libraries released outside of our CI. If a branch
is frozen pending release, those proposals usually won't be merged
unless there's a very good reason to do so.

Separate from constraints, any time a change merges to the global
requirements list a job is immediately triggered to propose
corresponding updates to individual requirements.txt,
test-requirements.txt and setup.py files for any participating repos
which require them.

You may also want to give
https://docs.openstack.org/developer/requirements/ a quick read as
it goes into greater detail on many of these topics.
Jeremy Stanley

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