[openstack-dev] [all][swg] per-project "Business only" moderated mailing lists

Sylvain Bauza sbauza at redhat.com
Mon Feb 27 15:29:25 UTC 2017

Le 27/02/2017 15:50, Matt Riedemann a écrit :
> On 2/26/2017 11:25 PM, Clint Byrum wrote:
>> You have taken the folder approach, and that is a bit less complicated
>> to set up than sup+offlineimap, but still does require that you know
>> how to filter by tag. It also means that you are experiencing one of
>> the problems with cross posting whenever anybody adds a tag, as in
>> that setup each message is duplicated into each folder, or you have a
>> 'first match' sieve and then tag order becomes significant. Either way,
>> you have to flip back and forth to read a thread. Or maybe somebody has
>> an answer? Nobody in the room at the SWG session had one.
> I don't have the problem you're describing here. I've got a gmail
> account but I use Thunderbird for my mail client since filtering and
> foldering the dev ML in gmail is a nightmare, at least since I was
> already used to Thunderbird for another IMAP account already.
> So yeah I've got lots of folders, and filters, but have sorted my
> filters such that the projects I care about the most get priority. So if
> there is a thread with several project tags on it, like the one you did
> for the nova-compute API session at the PTG, that still all just goes
> into my nova folder since that's priority #1 in my sort list in
> Thunderbird.
> Over the years I tried to keep up with new folders for new
> tags/projects, but with the big tent that got impossible, so now I
> basically filter into folders the projects I really care about being on
> top of, and then the rest just goes into my default "openstack-dev"
> folder. If I find that I'm constantly missing something with a given
> tag, then I start filtering that into a new folder that's prioritized
> higher.

FWIW, I use my internal mail server for tagging the emails having a
X-Topics value for the ones I want (eg. tagging "nova" for an email
having X-Topics: nova, or tagging "cross" for an email having X-Topics:

Then, I'm adding the same tag in Thunderbird (each one having different
color) and magically, the list is having many colors ! \o/

Honestly, I don't understand why we should silo all our conversations
because X or Y. Once, I was also a newcomer, and the ML was already
difficult to follow. Sure, but then I used filters and wow, magically,
it worked for me !

(and please, *do not* Slack)

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