[openstack-dev] [keystone] [nova] keystonauth catalog work arounds hiding transition issues

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Mon Feb 27 13:56:32 UTC 2017

We recently implemented a Nova feature around validating that project_id
for quotas we real in keystone. After that merged, trippleo builds
started to fail because their undercloud did not specify the 'identity'
service as the unversioned endpoint.

- (code merged in Nova).

After some debug, it was clear that '/v2.0/v3/projects/...' was what was
being called. And after lots of conferring in the Keystone room, we
definitely made sure that the code in question was correct. The thing I
wanted to do was make the failure more clear.

The suggestion was made to use the following code approach:


        resp = sess.get('/projects/%s' % project_id,
                            'service_type': 'identity',
                            'version': (3, 0)

However, I tested that manually with an identity =>
http://............/v2.0 endpoint, and it passes. Which confused me.

Until I found this -

keystonauth is specifically coding around the keystone transition from a
versioned /v2.0 endpoint to an unversioned one.....

While that is good for the python ecosystem using it, it's actually
*quite* bad for the rest of our ecosystem (direct REST, java, ruby, go,
js, php), because it means that all other facilities need the same work
around. I actually wonder if this is one of the in the field reasons for
why the transition from v2 -> v3 is going slow. That's actually going to
potentially break a lot of software.

It feels like this whole discovery version hack bit should be removed -
https://review.openstack.org/#/c/438483/. It also feels like a migration
path for non python software in changing the catalog entries needs to be
figured out as well.

I think on the Nova side we need to go back to looking for bogus
endpoint because we don't want issues like this hidden from us.


Sean Dague

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