[openstack-dev] [tripleo] introducing python-tripleo-helper

Gonéri Le Bouder goneri at lebouder.net
Fri Feb 24 20:02:09 UTC 2017

Hi all,


- use Python to do drive TripleO deployment
- RPM based
- used to be a bit specific, closer to upstream now (RDO)
- unit-test
- maybe a good candidate to join the TripleO umbrella

Following a discussion with Emilien, I would like to introduce

python-tripleo-helper is a Python library that wrapper all the
operations required to get a working TripleO. The initial goal was to
have a solution to automate and validate the deployment of TripleO in
our lab environment.

Since the full deployment flow is based on a modern programming
language, it's also possible to write more complex operations.

For instance, this is a test that I did some month ago:
Once the Overcloud was running, we started a "chaos monkey" thread that
was randomly disconnecting controllers. We were running tempest in the
main thread to collect results. Python makes all these interactions

At this point, we support libvirt and the OpenStack as the target
environment. We use a couple of hacks to be able to use a regular
OpenStack cloud (OSP7). bare-metal is not supported yet even if it's
definitely a low-hanging fruit.

python-tripleo-helper relies on RPM packages but we are open to
contribution to support the other packaging solutions.

Till some weeks ago python-tripleo-helper was not really generical. This
is the reason why it's still maintained in the redhat-openstack
namespace. Nicolas Hicher pushed a couple of patches to be able to use
it with RDO and CentOS, I guess we can now consider a move to the
TripleO umbrella.

    Gonéri Le Bouder
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