[openstack-dev] [infra] merging code from a github repo to an openstack existing repo: how ?

Thomas Morin thomas.morin at orange.com
Wed Feb 22 15:31:34 UTC 2017


A bit of context to make my question clearer: 
openstack/networking-bagpipe relies on bagpipe-bgp which is not an 
openstack project although done by the same people, and we would see a 
significant benefit in moving the code from github to openstack. This 
post does not relate to licence/CLA questions (all clear AFAIK, licence 
is Apache, all contributions by people who are also Openstack 
contributors). It does not relate to code style or lib dependencies 
either (there are a few things to adapt, which we have identified and 
mostly covered already).

The target would be: have the content of github's bagpipe-bgp repo 
become a sub directory of the networking-bagpipe repo, and then tweak 
setup.cfg/tox.ini so that this subdirectory becomes packaged and tested.

The question is:  how to achieve that without squashing/losing all git 
history (and without pushing one gerrit change per existing commit in 
the current history) ?

Would the following work...?
- in the github repo: prepare a 'move_to_openstack' branch  where all 
repo content is moved in a 'bagpipe_bgp' subdir
- in networking-bagpipe repo:
    * create a 'welcome_bagpipe_bgp' branch
    * have a manual step where someone (infra team ?) adds the github 
repo as a remote and merges the remote 'move_to_openstack' branch into 
the 'welcome_bagpipe_bgp' local branch (without squashing).
    * in this 'welcome_bagpipe_bgp' branch do whatever is needed in 
terms of setup.cfg/requirements.txt/tox.ini ...
    * when everything is ready, merge the 'welcome_bagpipe_bgp' branch 
into master
- (in the gitub repo: replace the content with an explanation message)

(If the above does not work, what other possibility ?)


[1]  https://github.com/Orange-OpenSource/bagpipe-bgp

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