[openstack-dev] [Sahara][QA] Tests broken after a devstack change

Luigi Toscano ltoscano at redhat.com
Tue Feb 21 15:45:34 UTC 2017

Hi team (mostly at the PTG),

you probably noticed that the jobs has been failing since February 17th. The 
reason can be traced back to this change in devstack:


I tried to revert it and rerun a job after setting the revert and dependency, 
and indeed both the tempest and the scenario jobs passed (ignore the failure 
in the cli job, it is unrelated):

The main error was related to
 EndpointNotFound: adminURL endpoint for compute service not found

so most likely we need to revisit how Sahara uses the endpoints. If you have 
some time, please squeeze this into the discussions. Or check with the rest of 
QA/devstack people if it is possible to revert the change.

This is master only (so Pike), Ocata is not affected (as the change landed 
after that devstack was branched). Still it blocks some merges.


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