[openstack-dev] [nova] Device tagging: rebuild config drive upon instance reboot to refresh metadata on it

Artom Lifshitz alifshit at redhat.com
Mon Feb 20 17:54:10 UTC 2017

>> But before doing that though, I think it'd be worth understanding whether
>> metadata-over-vsock support would be acceptable to people who refuse
>> to deploy metadata-over-TCPIP today.
> Sure, although I'm still concerned that it'll effectively make tagged
> hotplug libvirt-only.

Upon rethink, that not strictly true, there's still the existing
metadata service that works across all hypervisor drivers. I know
we're far for feature parity across all virt drivers, but would
metadata-over-vsock be acceptable? That's not even lack of feature
parity, that's a specific feature being exposed in a different (and
arguably worse) way depending on the virt driver.

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