[openstack-dev] [kolla] PTG Day #1 Webex remote participation

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Mon Feb 20 05:14:40 UTC 2017


I understood your original message that it was a logistical nightmare to sort out scaling remote participation across the entire ODS or (now the new PTGs) and it is not a software tools problem but rather a logistics problem independent of whatever software platform is used.  I agree, even on a small scale in a ~10-20-person setting is difficult even though you were able to sort it out with the infrastructure team.

Michal will do the best he can to provide remote participation.  He called me this afternoon to verify I brought a mic and I did plan ahead and brought the best mic I could.  I brought only one mic as I had to borrow it from my daughter’s holiday stash.  It is an omni-directional gaming grade mic [1].  There is only one of them and a litany of things could go wrong during the event which make remote participation for Kolla difficult or even an impossibility.

Neither Michal nor I can guarantee people will have a positive experience or any experience with remote participation as based upon my experience handling remote participation at previous midcycles as well as others experiences on this thread have already stated.  Michal as requested support, and I’ve personally provided the best level of support I can to our PTL.  If he wants to cancel remote participation, he should do so tonight as people will be expecting remote participation Monday at 9:00AM sharp.

If Michal wishes to proceed, I would highly recommend Michal request someone in the PTG sessions to proxy questions or statements from IRC as I have no speakers to connect with the microphone and the harmonics of everyone in the room connecting to webex may break the I/O of the mic.  The mic may also not pick up all conversations.

YMMV on the quality of the remote participation including a complete inability to participate remotely even though we have tried very hard to enable remote participation on a shoestring budget. 


[1] https://www.amazon.com/Blue-Yeti-USB-Microphone-Blackout/dp/B00N1YPXW2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487566448&sr=8-1&keywords=yeti+blackout

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    On 2017-02-19 23:17:27 +0000 (+0000), Serguei Bezverkhi (sbezverk) wrote:
    > @Jeremy if you have not tried thelatest webex, then sharing your
    > Havana time frame webex experience is not very useful. I think you
    > would agree if Havana release had some issues it would not
    > automatically mean that newton has them :-)
    It may seem that I was complaining about Webex, but really the bulk
    of the issues were logistics-related. The way we do large rooms of
    in-person participation is hard to capture with a conference call
    system: managing local soundboards for all the microphones and
    dozens of on-site computers scattered in different rooms, trying to
    relay numerous streams over unstable network connections shared by
    hundreds of on-site attendees, and the fact that it ends up being a
    mostly one-way channel because making it possible for many remote
    attendees to interject successfully into in-person conversations
    probably requires a different style of discussion altogether.
    At a smaller scale, we've successfully conferenced-bridged a couple
    of remote participants into Infra team design summit sessions and
    mid-cycles where there were between 10 and 20 people on site, but
    that's substantially different from declaring the event is able to
    support an arbitrary number of remote attendees. I've seen it work
    out well in telepresence facilities, but not ad hoc installations
    for conferences of the size we're talking about.
    Jeremy Stanley
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