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Heidi Joy Tretheway heidijoy at openstack.org
Wed Feb 15 22:25:19 UTC 2017

Hi Ironic team, 

[TL;DR - we agree to Miles’ proposal for two images (one mascot, one logo) for different contexts. We’re looking for any final feedback on the stylized logo for use on the website, while the PixieBoots mascot remains yours for swag, etc.]

I’m doing my best to reply to all questions on this thread as Lucas requested: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-February/112212.html <http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-February/112212.html>. 
Please feel free to drop a note here if I’ve missed anything. I’m summarizing everything below:

Design issues: 
—The bear looked angry in v1
Answer: We removed the angry expression and replaced it with a neutral expression
—The metal horns hand gesture is culturally inappropriate (rude in some countries) (from Ruby)
Answer: We removed this feature and replaced it, based on the team’s input, with the bear holding sticks (as drumsticks)
—What about a goat-like horned bear? (Joanna)
Answer: We removed horned references due to the cultural reference to cuckolding as the Ironic team pointed out
—The bear looks too much like a Russian meme with two hands up
Answer: We have a face-forward bear, not a side-view bear, and only one hand raised.
—The bear’s face decoration looked too much like the band Kiss
Answer: While this was intentional by the designer (for a more “metal” look), we removed this feature and replaced it with basic bear face coloring. Some folks (including Miles, Dmitry, Sam who added +1s) would like this back in. We’re happy to do it, we just need the team to agree on one direction.
—Don’t like the style (reminds Lucas of church windows)
Answer: The design style for all of the mascots is set. It was shared in July when we started this project, and unfortunately the feedback window regarding design style has passed, as 95% of projects have now received their logos. 
—Request to abbreviate the bear so it just shows head/top of torso/hand holding drumsticks (from Dmitry)
Answer: We can revisit that with the designers, however it doesn’t match the rest of the logo set, which is either face or full body of each mascot. We’re happy to try this, but as we’ve already been four rounds with the team, I’m soliciting ANY final feedback on this version before we finalize it. 

Outstanding questions: 
—Can we use PixieBoots in the future? 
Answer: Absolutely. You’re welcome to produce vintage swag like shirts and stickers with your original logo. Any team can use their old logo in this way. Put another way, if you’d like to call PixieBoots your mascot, but refer to the Ironic logo our illustrators have created as merely a logo, that’s fine. And you don’t have to use this logo if you don’t want to. 
—Can we use (1) A stylized logo, matching the guidelines, for use in “official” settings and anywhere that it will be seen in other projects’ logos; and (2) Our existing PixieBoots mascot, for use in “official” settings (laptop stickers, T-shirts, chatbots, webcomic, etc.)? (suggested by Miles)
Answer: Great suggestion! Yes. Together with the answer above, that’s our intention—we’d like for you to be able to continue to use your beloved mascot in your own way, and we’d like the Ironic team to select some logo that is consistent with the rest of the community project logos, that we can use on official channels such as the website.
—What will we see at the PTG?
Answer: Out of respect for the team, we did not print stickers or signage for the Ironic team with any logo on it until the team reaches an agreement. 
—What license will the mascot have?
Answer: It will be CC-BY-ND, which the foundation uses for most of our collateral. That allows you to use it (and we’ve provided ten versions to the PTLs of the projects with finalized mascots so they have a good amount of flexibility in logo use). It prevents, for example, a for-profit company from inserting its commercial logo into an element of the community-use mascots (which was a common request early in the design process). If you would like to make a derivative work, we can definitely find a way to compromise, just send me a note. 
—What does the foundation want to achieve with this? (from Lucas)
Answer: We’re trying to communicate, by way of design, that the projects are cohesive and connected, while still preserving (via a team-selected mascot) the team’s individual identity. We’d also like to help those projects that don’t have design resources present themselves on an even footing with the others. The majority of projects didn’t have their own mascots when this process began. 

What’s next? 
I’ll monitor this ML string for feedback. I tried to host a live call with your team to hash out the conflicting feedback, but nobody showed up. So instead, at the team’s request, I’ll rely on your thoughts via this email string, and do my best to move forward based on what appears to be the majority response. 

One final thought—please be open-minded. Working on any design project where 60+ teams are involved is bound to produce conflicting views. As an open community, I love when we embrace that, when we can get behind something for the good of the community, even if it isn’t 100% our own idea or preference. This is not an effort to “corporatize” or remove the diversity of teams. It’s about making representation of the projects more cohesive and connected. It’s also about looking out for the smaller teams in the big tent that don’t have the resources of larger teams. The feedback as a whole has been very positive. The Ironic team’s passion and engagement of this project is overwhelming. I’m making every effort to bring you something that you can be proud of in context with the other team logos.

—Heidi Joy

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