[openstack-dev] [release][telemetry][magnum][monasca][cinder][senlin][swift][tacker] missing stable/ocata branches

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Wed Feb 15 14:38:44 UTC 2017

We have several cycle-with-intermediary deliverables without
stable/ocata branches (see below).  Please submit the patch to
openstack/releases to create the branch as soon as possible.


Deliverable                    Team                 Ocata Release   Type            Model
ceilometermiddleware           Telemetry            1.0.0           library         cycle-with-intermediary
magnum                         magnum               4.0.0           service         cycle-with-intermediary
monasca-api                    monasca              1.5.0           service         cycle-with-intermediary
monasca-ceilometer             monasca              None            other           cycle-with-intermediary
monasca-common                 monasca              1.4.0           other           cycle-with-intermediary
monasca-persister              monasca              1.3.0           other           cycle-with-intermediary
monasca-thresh                 monasca              1.2.0           other           cycle-with-intermediary
python-brick-cinderclient-ext  cinder               0.3.0           library         cycle-with-intermediary
python-magnumclient            magnum               2.4.0           library         cycle-with-intermediary
senlin-dashboard               senlin               None            horizon-plugin  cycle-with-intermediary
swift                          swift                2.12.0          service         cycle-with-intermediary
tacker-horizon                 tacker               0.6.0           horizon-plugin  cycle-with-intermediary
tacker                         tacker               0.6.0           service         cycle-with-intermediary

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