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Hayes, Graham graham.hayes at hpe.com
Tue Feb 14 10:37:47 UTC 2017

On 11/02/17 15:12, Andrea Frittoli wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 7:22 PM Hayes, Graham <graham.hayes at hpe.com
> <mailto:graham.hayes at hpe.com>> wrote:
>     The HTML version of this is here:
>     http://graham.hayes.ie/posts/openstack-designate-where-we-are/
>     I have been asked a few times recently "What is the state of the
>     Designate
>     project?", "How is Designate getting on?", and by people who know
>     what is
>     happening "What are you going to do about Designate?".


>     We also need help from cross project teams - the work done by them is
>     brilliant
>     but it can be hard for smaller projects to consume. We have had a lot of
>     progress since the `Leveller Playing Field`_ debate, but a lot of
>     work is
>     still optimised for the larger teams who get direct support, or well
>     resourced
>     teams who can dedicate people to the implementation of plugins / code.
> The QA team is committed to serve every single project in big tent
> community.
> Please reach out to us on IRC in #openstack-qa or add an item to the QA
> meeting agenda.
> We are a rather small team ourselves, so we won't be able to implement
> things on project
> team's behalf, but we'll do our best to help.
> andrea

While this may be the intention, it is definitely not the reality. Some
projects do have the work done for them by the QA team - and as I said,
it is generally the larger teams that could afford to take the load vs
the smaller teams that struggle.

A perfect example happened yesterday.

Grenade was being tested for Ocata -> Pike upgrade, before the jobs on
master was updated. As part of this change Keystone moved from v2 to v3.

This caused an issue in 2 in-tree grenade projects (Nova and Cinder)
due to a behavior difference in the OpenStack CLI [0]

This issue was fixed in tree for these projects, before they knew
there was a problem, but projects that have grenade plugins didn't find
out until our gate failed, and started blocking patches.

This then meant 30-40 mins or so of debugging the logs, finding the bug,
writing a fix, then waiting for the the patch to merge.

I wouldn't even ask for a fix to be coded for us - just an email
with "you need to make sure your grenade plugin adds a role to
the user you create from Pike onwards" would have saved a lot
of time.

I understand that the QA team focuses on the core projects
more - that is just how OpenStack operates, but just being
mindful of projects that use things like devstack, grenade,
tempest etc as plugin may not get the fixes that happen for
the core.

- Graham

0 - https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bug/1662911

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