[openstack-dev] [nova][cinder] Should nova just default to use cinder v3 in Pike?

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 18:29:13 UTC 2017

On 2/11/2017 11:47 AM, John Griffith wrote:
> It seems like just moving Nova to V3 in Pike would alleviate quite a few
> snarls here.  The fact that V3.0 is just pointing back to V2 for Cinder
> calls anyway I'm uncertain there's a huge downside to this.  Nova +
> Cinder V2 coverage is only an entry point issue IIUC (V3.0 points to
> Cinder V2 API server calls anyway based on what I was looking at).  So
> it's more an issue of cinderclient and what it's set up at no?
> Honestly, this is another one of those things we probably need to unwind
> together at PTG.  The V3 Cinder thing has proven to be quite thorny.

Scott's nova patch to support cinder v3 is dependent on a 
python-cinderclient change for version discovery for min/max versions in 
the v3 API. Once that's released we just bump the minimum required 
cinderclient in global-requirements for pike and we should be good to go 

But overall yeah I like the idea of just defaulting to cinderv3 in Pike, 
as long as we can still get cinderv2 coverage in CI in master, which I 
think we can do via grenade jobs.



Matt Riedemann

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