[openstack-dev] [telemetry] Pollsters for Veritas HyperScale

Nirendra Awasthi nirendra at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 09:46:21 UTC 2017

Hi Everyone,

Find below details of Ceilometer pollsters for Veritas HyperScale.
Please suggest how we can take this forward for merge.



* HyperScale pollsters are required to collect and monitor HyperScale
storage statistics.
* Collected statistics can be visualized in HyperScale dashboard.
* Pollsters are deployed on all the managed computes, HyperScale data plane
and HyperScale control plane.
* Pollsters are driven by a separate HyperScale service

HyperScale pollsters are divided into following categories:
    - Compute plane pollsters
    - Data plane pollsters
    - Tenant pollsters
    - Cloud pollsters

Compute pollsters:
* Deployed on each OpenStack compute
* Collects following statistics from compute nodes
    - Total bytes
    - Number of IOS
    - Latency
    - Storage utilization at various tiers
* Collected statistics are transformed to calculate
    - Throughput
    - Average Latency
    - IOPS
* Collects statistics at vdisk, VM and compute level

Datanode pollsters:
* Deployed on each HyperScale data node
* Collects following statistics from data node:
    - Total capacity
    - Free capacity
* Collects statistics at VM and datanode level

Cloud and Tenant pollsters:
* Deployed on HyperScale control plane
* Tenant pollster:
    - Queries compute and data node meters from ceilometer
    - Performs per tenant aggregation and inserts them as new meters
* Cloud pollster:
    - Queries compute and data node meters from ceilometer
    - Performs aggregation for entire OpenStack deployment and inserts them
as new meters

List of proposed files:
* compute.py
    - Collection of compute node pollsters
* datanode.py
    - Collection of data node pollsters
* cloud.py
    - Collection of cloud pollsters
* tenant.py
    - Collection of tenant pollsters
* manager.py
    - Manager to start HyperScale pollsters as a seperate service
* pipeline.yaml
    - pipeline configuration for HyperScale pollsters
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