[openstack-dev] [designate] Status of the project

Fox, Kevin M Kevin.Fox at pnnl.gov
Fri Feb 10 18:53:39 UTC 2017

I'd say kube-dns and designate are very different technologies.

kube-dns is a service discovery mechanism for kubernetes intend to provide internal k8s resolution. The fact it uses dns to implement service discovery is kind of an implementation detail, not its primary purpose. There's no need for private dns management, scaling past the size of the k8s cluster itself, etc. A much easier problem to solve at the moment.

Designate really is a multitenant dns as a service implementation. While it can be used for service discovery, its not its primary purpose.

I see no reason they couldn't share some common pieces, but care should be given not to just say, lets throw out one for the other, as they really are different animals.

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On 02/10/2017 12:21 PM, Joshua Harlow wrote:
> Hayes, Graham wrote:
>> The HTML version of this is here:
>> http://graham.hayes.ie/posts/openstack-designate-where-we-are/
>> I have been asked a few times recently "What is the state of the
>> Designate
>> project?", "How is Designate getting on?", and by people who know what is
>> happening "What are you going to do about Designate?".
>> Needless to say, all of this is depressing to me, and the people that
>> I have
>> worked with for the last number of years to make Designate a truly
>> useful,
>> feature rich project.
>> *TL;DR;* for this - Designate is not in a sustainable place.
>> To start out - Designate has always been a small project. DNS does not
>> have
>> massive *cool* appeal - its not shiny, pretty, or something you see on
>> the
>> front page of HackerNews (unless it breaks - then oh boy do people
>> become DNS
>> experts).
> Thanks for posting this, I know it was not easy to write...
> Knowing where this is at and the issues. It makes me wonder if it is
> worthwhile to start thinking about how we can start to look at 'outside
> the openstack' projects for DNS. I believe there is a few that are
> similar enough to designate (though I don't know well enough) for
> example things like SkyDNS (or others which I believe there are a few).
> Perhaps we need to start thinking outside the openstack 'box' in regards
> to NIH syndrome and accept the fact that we as a community may not be
> able to recreate the world successfully in all cases (the same could be
> said about things like k8s and others).
> If we got out of the mindset of openstack as a thing must have tightly
> integrated components (over all else) and started thinking about how we
> can be much more loosely coupled (and even say integrating non-python,
> non-openstack projects) would that be beneficial (I think it would)?

This is already basically what Designate *is today*.


Just because something is written in Golang and uses etcd for storage
doesn't make it "better" or not NIH.

For the record, the equivalent to Designate in k8s land is Kube2Sky, the
real difference being that Designate has a whole lot more options when
it comes to the DNS drivers and Designate integrates with OpenStack
services like Keystone.

Also, there's more to cloud DNS services than service discovery, which
is what SkyDNS was written for.


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