[openstack-dev] [designate] Status of the project

Mike Spreitzer mspreitz at us.ibm.com
Fri Feb 10 17:47:43 UTC 2017

Joshua Harlow <harlowja at fastmail.com> wrote on 02/10/2017 12:21:08 PM:

> Knowing where this is at and the issues. It makes me wonder if it is 
> worthwhile to start thinking about how we can start to look at 'outside 
> the openstack' projects for DNS. I believe there is a few that are 
> similar enough to designate (though I don't know well enough) for 
> example things like SkyDNS (or others which I believe there are a few).
> Perhaps we need to start thinking outside the openstack 'box' in regards 

> to NIH syndrome and accept the fact that we as a community may not be 
> able to recreate the world successfully in all cases (the same could be 
> said about things like k8s and others).
> If we got out of the mindset of openstack as a thing must have tightly 
> integrated components (over all else) and started thinking about how we 
> can be much more loosely coupled (and even say integrating non-python, 
> non-openstack projects) would that be beneficial (I think it would)?

I think you might be on to something.  The Kubernetes community seems to 
be thinking about an external DNS service too.  I see 
https://github.com/kubernetes-incubator/external-dns was just created, but 
do not know anything more about it.


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