[openstack-dev] [Swift][swiftclient][horizon] Improve UX by enabling HTTP headers configuration in UI and CLI

Denis Makogon lildee1991 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 15:07:32 UTC 2017


I've been developing Swift middleware that depends on specific HTTP headers
and figured out that there's only one way to specify them on client side -
only in programmatically i can add HTTP headers to each Swift HTTP API
method (CLI and dashboard are not supporting HTTP headers configuration,
except by default enabled cases like "copy" middleware because swiftclient
defines in as separate API method).

My point here is, as developer, i don't have OpenStack-aligned way to
examine HTTP headers-dependent middleware without hacking into both
swiftclient and dashboard what makes me fall back to cURL that brings a lot
overhead while working with Swift.

So, is there any interest in having such thing in swiftclient and,
subsequently, in dashboard?
If yes, let me know (it shouldn't be that complicated because at
swiftclient python API level we already capable to send HTTP headers).

Kind regards,
Denis Makogon
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