[openstack-dev] [openstack-docs] Bug smash

Alexandra Settle a.settle at outlook.com
Wed Feb 8 11:25:48 UTC 2017

Hey everyone,

We have 2 weeks until the Ocata release. Hooray! We have fixed 251 so far! But, we have some more work to do… 

I know everyone is busy with their respective guides and testing, but we have 24 bugs (half are wishlist!) that were assigned for Newton and Ocata that we have not fixed.

It would be great if people could take the time over the next 2 weeks to assign themselves a bug: https://goo.gl/DnZU0q (this is a Launchpad link, just wanted to save you all from the 40 lines)

If you have any questions, please reach out ☺ 



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