[openstack-dev] [Congress][olso][oslo.messaging] Dynamically Determine Rabbit Transport URL?

Aimee Ukasick aimeeu.opensource at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 18:57:28 UTC 2017

Hi everyone - from the Congress standalone installation guide

To use RabbitMQ with Congress, set the transport_url in the “From
oslo.messaging” section according to your setup:
transport_url = rabbit://$RABBIT_USERID:$RABBIT_PASSWORD@$RABBIT_HOST:5672

Is there a CLI or API call to determine the Rabbit userID, password,
host, and port from a running OpenStack installation? My colleague and I
are working on standalone Congress installation scripts (bash), and we
are trying to figure how to dynamically determine the RABBIT_USERID,
RABBIT_PASSWORD, RABBIT_HOST, and port.  We really don't want to resort
to pulling the transport URL out of another service's conf file
(nova.conf, heat.conf, keystone.conf, etc).

There is a rabbitmqctl
https://www.rabbitmq.com/man/rabbitmqctl.1.man.html  but that doesn't
have the commands for finding userID, password, host, and port.

Any ideas or other places I should look/ask for help is greatly appreciated.


Aimee Ukasick
AT&T Open Source

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