[openstack-dev] [Shaker] Shaker Image Builder fails in Ocata due to OS::Glance::Image deprecation

Ilya Shakhat ishakhat at mirantis.com
Fri Feb 3 09:16:21 UTC 2017

> Starting Ocata, looks like only glance v2 is enabled by default. This
> breaks the shaker image builder template since we make use of the resource
> type OS::Glance::Image and creating images from url links is not
> supported in v2. How do we want deal with this? Maybe have the user pass in
> the name/image-id and pass them as properties to the shaker image builder
> template or instead advise the use to turn on the v1 API?
> Thoughts/suggestions?
Looks like the only way to deal with that is to build the image manually
and then pass its name via --image-name parameter (or name the image

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