[openstack-dev] [ironic] New mascot design

Heidi Joy Tretheway heidijoy at openstack.org
Wed Feb 1 20:05:26 UTC 2017

Hi Ironic team,

I’m sorry our second proposal again missed the mark. It wasn’t the illustrator’s intention to mimic the Bear Surprise painting that gained popularity in Russia as a meme. Our illustrator created a face-forward bear with paws shaped as if it had index and ring “fingers" down, like a hand gesture popular at a heavy metal concert. It was not meant to mimic the painting of a side-facing bear with paws and all “fingers" up to surprise. That said, once it’s seen, it’s tough to expect the community to un-see it, so we’ll take another approach.
The issue with your old mascot is twofold: it doesn’t fit the illustration style for the entire suite of 60+ mascots, and it contains a human-made element (drumsticks). As part of our overall guidelines, human-made objects and symbols were not allowed, and we applied these standards to all projects.

Your team told us you want a heavy metal bear, so we used the Kiss band-style makeup and the hand gesture to suggest metal without using an instrument or symbol. We tried to mimic your original logo’s expression. After releasing v1, we listened to your team’s comment that the first version was too angry looking, so you’ll see a range of expressions from fierce to neutral to happy. 

I’d love to find a compromise with your team that will be in keeping with the style of the project logo suite. I’ll watch your ML for additional concerns about this proposed v3:   

Our illustration team’s next step is to parse the community feedback from the Ironic team (note that there is a substantial amount of conflicting feedback from 21 members of your team) and determine if we have majority support for a single direction. 

While new project logos are optional, virtually every project asked be represented in our family of logos. Only logos in this new style will be used on the project navigator and in other promotional ways. 

Feel free to join me for a quick chat tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. Pacific:
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