[openstack-dev] [manila] share server frameworks for DHSS=False case

Tom Barron tpb at dyncloud.net
Tue Apr 4 13:26:01 UTC 2017

question below, not just for Ben.  If you know, please respond.

On 04/03/2017 03:00 PM, Ben Swartzlander wrote:
> On 04/03/2017 02:24 PM, Tom Barron wrote:
... <snip> ...

> While Manila doesn't care about 2 backends potentially sharing an IP,
> you do have to consider how the m-shr services interact with the daemon
> to avoid situations where they fight eachother. I haven't looked into
> the potential issues around sharing a Ganesha instance, but I know that
> the LVM driver, which uses nfs-kernel-server, does have some issues in
> this area which need fixing.

Do we know that there are concurrency issues with LVM driver due to
multiple backend processes messing with the LVM infra on a single host
vs concurrency issues due to multiple operations in multiple threads
within a single backend?

Do we have any bugs raised on issues of either type?


-- Tom

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