[openstack-dev] TC Candidacy

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Tue Sep 27 19:17:41 UTC 2016

I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for the TC. I've been involved
in OpenStack since 2012. We may have interacted when working on Nova,
Devstack, Grenade, debugging the gate, or other areas of the broader
OpenStack project.

Upgrades are one of the things I'm passionate about in
OpenStack. The kinds of places OpenStack gets installed into don't
always have a change window. Making upgrades painless and boring are
a precondition for anything else OpenStack wants to do, because if
operators don't upgrade their OpenStack environments, they'll never
get any of the new enhancements we are building as a community.

I really want the end user experience with OpenStack to be better. In
the last cycle I helped spear head the api-ref effort. In a single
cycle our API docs jumped forward to an accuracy level we haven't seen
in years. This was a great community win. I've been championing
getting rid of the extensions mechanism inside Nova, to make it clear
that there is a single compute API, which we expect to see

Having worked on many efforts within projects, and across projects, I
think I bring a perspective to the TC about where process meets
reality in getting things accomplished. We always need to take steps
forward to advance the agenda, but if we make the steps too high, we
can set folks up for failure. Attainable forward progress creates
success, success creates momentum, and momentum makes more progress

I would be honored to serve on the TC again if chosen.


Sean Dague

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