[openstack-dev] Announcing firehose.openstack.org

Matthew Treinish mtreinish at kortar.org
Mon Sep 19 14:50:31 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to announce the addition of a new infra service we started running
recently, the firehose. Running at firehose.openstack.org the firehose is an
MQTT based unified message bus for infra services. The concept behind is it that
there are a lot of infra services many of which emit events, however there
wasn't a single place to go to for anything. If you have a script or tool which
is listening for events from an infra service, or has a poll loop (like anything
using gerritlib) there is now a single place to go for consuming those messages.
We also have 2 interfaces to subscribe to topics on the firehose, either via the
MQTT protocol on the default port or via a websockets over port 80. The websocket
interface should enable easier consumption for people on networks with stricter

Right now the only things sending messages into the firehose is the gerrit event
stream (via germqtt) and launchpad bug events (via lpmqtt) but several other
efforts are in progress to add additional services to the firehose. The plan is
to expand what publishes events to include all the infra services. This way
there is a single location for anything that needs to consume events.

There is also an example on the consuming side with gerritbot, which now has 
support for subscribing to the gerrit event stream over MQTT. You can see the
patch here:


For those interested the spec detailing all the pieces is here:


and the docs are available here:


which contain details on how the services are setup and includes some basic
steps and examples on how to start consuming events from the firehose.


Matt Treinish
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