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joehuang joehuang at huawei.com
Sun Sep 18 09:26:46 UTC 2016


This is Chaoyi Huang(nick: joehuang), I would like to nominate myself as Tricircle PTL in Ocata release.

Before look forward to what to do in Ocata release, I want to have a short look back what's Tricircle has done in Newton release. The objectives and our progress in Newton release are:
* Cross OpenStack L2 networking: "local network" and "shared vlan" supported in Tricircle for L2/L3 networking functionalities, this is a great fundamental for our Newton release.
* Dynamic pod binding: the framework is in review.
* Tempest and basic VM/Volume operation: tempest based check and gate test has been integrated into the process, support basic features tempest
* Keep Tricircle follow OpenStack open source development guideline to make Tricircle project as open as any other OpenStack project, so that more and
more talents would like to join and contribute in Tricircle, and target at being a big tent project of OpenStack, being member of OpenStack eco-system and help the eco-system to address the problem domain in multi-OpenStack cloud, no matter it's in one site or multi-site: now Tricircle is applying big-tent application, and the splitting is ongoing, and glad to see more and more contributors join Tricricle community.

This is great progress for Tricricle based on every contributor's great effort.

As the Tricircle will be splitted and dedicate for cross Neutron networking automation, my vision for Tricircle Ocata will based on our basis in Newton release and what we discussed in these weeks:

* Ensure the Tricircle splitting smoothly with quality.
* Continue cross OpenStack L2/L3 networking, and work with upstream projects like Neutron, L2GW
* Being better citizen in OpenStack, continue the big-tent application, and collaboration with other projects
* enhance the installation method and make it easier to play Tricircle, so that more contributors would like to join Tricircle.
* Start advance networking service support in Ocata for Tricircle if possible

Since the Tricircle project tries to address very fundamental cross Neutron networking automation chanllenges, it's exciting to work and contribute in such a project, let's enjoy the journey.

Best Regards
Chaoyi Huang(joehuang)

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