[openstack-dev] [Packaging Rpm] PTL candidacy

Haïkel hguemar at fedoraproject.org
Fri Sep 16 13:16:39 UTC 2016

Fellow RPM packagers,

I announce my candidacy for PTL of the Packaging Rpm project.
During the Newton cycle, we reached the point where we provide enough
artefacts to build OpenStack clients usable on all supported platforms.

As a PTL, my primary focus would be on:
* 3rd party CI: increase coverage and stability so that we can promote
  existing CI to voting gates.  Next step would be allowing other
  projects to consume our packaging for their own CI (mostly installer
* better tooling to generate more native packages, and reduce
  churn. Also adding python3 support.
* allowing people to deploy a minimal OpenStack from our
  packages. Rather than focusing on shoving as much services as
  possible, I'd like us to focus on curating a minimal but high
  quality set of packages to build upon it. After such milestone,
  adding more services will be much easier later.

Why? The goal is to produce a production-ready and curated set of
OpenStack packages for all supported RPM-based platforms (SUSE, RHEL,
etc.). Such deliverables could be used to seed downstream
distributions and encourage collaboration between them around
packaging. It would also help OpenStack installers CI to test against
fresh OpenStack packages.

Off course, I plan to continue supporting these ongoing efforts:
* extending our packages set
* extending our contributors pool (including core)
* last but not least, foster collaboration between downstream vendors.

Best regards,

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