[openstack-dev] [zaqar] PTL candidacy

Fei Long Wang feilong at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Sep 15 21:15:21 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I've had the pleasure of serving the Zaqar community as PTL for the past 
two cycles, and I'd like to continue for Ocata cycle, if you'll have me.

For Ocata release, things I'd like to do:

1. Real-world deployment
    Puppet and Ansible Zaqar are ready. And we have got many interests 
for Zaqar's production deployment. Some of them are doing evaluation, so 
we need to support them in Ocata and try to make them happen.

2. Notification service
    We have partially landed the subscription confirmation feature in 
Newton, so let's get it done in Ocata. Notification delivery policy is 
another good one to have.

3. Collaboration with other OpenStack projects
    We did a great job in Newton to support trust subscriber, which 
means any OpenStack services can be used as a subscriber of Zaqar and 
being secured. And I believe there are some other projects could be 
benefited by Zaqar from their view. For example, the notification 
middleware of Swift, Zaqar's websocket transport for Searchlight/Horizon 

4. More contributors
    We got some new members joined the team in Newton. And some of them 
has been nominated as core reviewer who grew very fast. It's really 
awesome. In Ocata, I would like to encourage more people/organizations 
to join Zaqar community to make sure we have a good coverage.

It's a fantastic experience working with this amazing team and I know 
without the dedication and hard work of everyone who has contributed to 
Zaqar we can't make those success stories of Newton happen. I would be 
pleased to serve as PTL for another cycle and I'd appreciate your vote.

Thanks for your consideration!

Cheers & Best regards,
Fei Long Wang (王飞龙)
Senior Cloud Software Engineer
Tel: +64-48032246
Email: flwang at catalyst.net.nz
Catalyst IT Limited
Level 6, Catalyst House, 150 Willis Street, Wellington

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