[openstack-dev] [barbican] PTL Candidacy

Dave McCowan (dmccowan) dmccowan at cisco.com
Thu Sep 15 17:58:19 UTC 2016

Fellow Barbicaneers,

I'd like to nominate myself to serve as Barbican PTL for the Ocata cycle.

After talking it over with Doug (redrobot), I know I have a mentor in place.  After talking it over with my employer, I know I will have the time and resources to dedicate to this position.

I first started working on Barbican in the Kilo release.  You were all welcoming and supportive to this stranger who wandered into your midcycle.  I was immediately impressed by your dedication to the project and your willingness to mentor me in all things OpenStack.

First and foremost, I want to maintain this culture in Barbican.

My goals for the Ocata cycle are:

1) Grow the Barbican team of contributors and core reviewers.

2) Collaborate with other OpenStack projects with joint blueprints, especially signing as a service (Designate) and container based install (Kolla).

3) Improve our project maturity index by addressing documentation and process items. [1]

4) Maintain our high standards for code reviews and unit and functional tests.

5) Be diligent with backporting bug fixes to stable releases.

Thank you in advance for this opportunity to serve.

Also, thanks to Doug Mendizábal for his leadership over the last four cycles and his offer to support me in this endeavor.

--Dave McCowan (dave-mccowan)

[1] https://www.openstack.org/software/releases/mitaka/components/barbican

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