[openstack-dev] [Searchlight] PTL candidacy

McLellan, Steven steve.mclellan at hpe.com
Thu Sep 15 16:44:04 UTC 2016


I am announcing my candidacy for election as Searchlight PTL. I've been a
leading contributor and core reviewer since Searchlight's inception as a
standalone project in Vancouver.

Under Travis' very capable guidance Searchlight has reached a 1.0 Newton
release which supports nearly all of the widely-used Openstack services and
makes it easy to add support for others. We've made great improvements to
the way that we index data both in terms of use by clients and in reliability
and performance.

My goals for Ocata are thus based more around incremental improvement than
large numbers of features:

- Increasing ease of use and exploring opportunities afforded to user
  interfaces by Searchlight's querying and aggregation capabilities.
- Continuing to work on improved coordination with other projects around
  notifications to make indexing more reliable.
- Making it easier for developers from other services to write plugins for
  their services for Searchlight to make use of their greater domain knowledge
  and increase community involvement; we've made some steps in this direction
  already with Ironic.
- Integrating architectural improvements to allow pluggable publishers for data
  received via notifications. This was a feature originally planned for Newton
  but that didn't make it in, and allows Searchlight's indexing process to feed
  destinations other than Elasticsearch (for instance, Zaqar).

Unfortunately I will likely not be at the summit in Barcelona, but if elected
will work closely with Travis as part of the hand-off to ensure we take care
of any requests or issues that come up during the summit.


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