[openstack-dev] [puppet] Core nominations

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Thu Sep 15 12:59:11 UTC 2016

While our group keeps moving, it's time to propose again new people
part of core team.

Dmitry Tantsur / puppet-ironic
Dmitry is the guardian of puppet-ironic. He's driving most of the
recent features in this module and he now fully deserves being core on

Pradeep Kilambi / puppet-aodh,ceilometer,gnocchi,panko
Prad is our Telemetry guru and he never stops to bring attention on
these modules! Keep going Prad, we appreciate your help here.

Iury Gregory / all modules
Iury is our padawan. Still learning, but learning fast, he has been a
continuous contributor over the last months. He's always here on IRC
and during meetings to help.
He always volunteer to help and not for the most fun tasks. (He drove
the authtoken work during Newton). I would like to reward his work and
show that we trust him to be a good core reviewer.
Iury, keep going in your efforts!

If your name is not here yet, please keep doing consistent work, help
in bug triage, maintain stable CI, doing good reviews, improve our
documentation, etc.

As usual, Puppet OpenStack core team is free to -1 / +1 the proposal.

Emilien Macchi

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