[openstack-dev] [ironic] PTL nomination

Jim Rollenhagen jim at jimrollenhagen.com
Thu Sep 15 11:31:13 UTC 2016

Hi friends,

I'd like to be the ironic PTL for another cycle, if you'll have me.

Newton, in my opinion, has been Ironic's best cycle yet. We got a ton of work
done, and made good progress on the work we didn't finish. Some of the
highlights from this cycle include:

* Upgrade testing. We've struggled to make progress until this cycle, when we
  really went all-out on getting it done. We also have multinode CI working
  and awaiting reviews, which is a great thing to have anyway, and also a huge
  first step to testing rolling upgrades.

* Multitenant networking. This has been our biggest feature request for years,
  and we've been hacking on it since Liberty. We finally got it done (though
  of course, there's more to add on top) in both Ironic and Nova this cycle.

* Speaking of Nova, we've made huge progress there. We now support multiple
  nova-compute services running the Ironic driver. We have a nova-compatible
  console done in Ironic, with patches ready for Nova to land at the beginning
  of Ocata. We've laid the groundwork on both sides to make scheduling better,
  and remove the (host, node) tuple that we plagued Nova with for years. And
  I believe we've made large strides in how we interact with the Nova team;
  things seem much more friendlier, and people are willing to help each other
  out more on both sides.

* Fine-grained keystone policy. This is a huge step in helping operators
  improve the security of their deployments.

* Our server and client both properly support Keystone v3 now.

* We now have third-party CI for iLO, iRMC, Cisco UCS/CIMC, OneView, PowerKVM,
  and DRAC. We're on a path to removing drivers without CI. For context, a year
  ago we had no third-party CI. :)

* ironic-python-agent is now the only supported deploy ramdisk, and the APIs
  it uses have been promoted to first class APIs.

* Ironic now emits software metrics and has a framework for emitting
  notifications for use by Searchlight and other systems.

* Existing systems may now be 'adopted' by ironic to help folks migrate their
  existing environments to be managed by ironic.

There's many more things we've done in the 3 releases we shipped this cycle,
but this is a PTL nomination, not Newton release notes, so I'll stop there.

Going forward into Ocata, there's a few major things I'd like to focus on:

* Rolling upgrades. Most of the base IaaS has this or will have it soon. We're
  on a good path to getting it done, and I think it's super important for

* Continue progress on the networking work. We need to finish portgroups and
  get a plan (and hopefully some code) together for vlan-aware baremetal
  instances. This will allow an arbitrary number of Neutron networks to be
  connected over an arbitrary number of physical NICs, which is incredibly
  useful to users.

* Driver composition. This will get rid of our ever-increasing driver matrix
  and help users make more sense of all the driver options. It also helps
  clean up lots of internal code, so it's important to everyone.

* Boot from volume. This didn't make as much progress as I liked in Newton,
  so we should keep working on it and try to at least get all the plumbing
  landed, if not the first implementation. Lots of folks are asking for this,
  and it's the best path we have to something that looks like 'nova migrate'.

* Above all else, I plan to make it a priority to mentor a few folks that could
  be the next PTL. I didn't do a good job of this in Newton (though I think
  some people could do the job now). I think it's important to rotate the
  leadership, so I hope that the project is in a position where I can step
  down after Ocata, and write more code in Pike.

Whether I'm elected PTL or not, I plan to be working upstream on ironic
full-time during Ocata, and look forward to another successful cycle. :)

// jim

(official nomination at https://review.openstack.org/370709)

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