[openstack-dev] [Docs][PTL] PTL Candidacy for Docs

Lana Brindley openstack at lanabrindley.com
Thu Sep 15 00:25:08 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

I am seeking re-election as Documentation PTL for Ocata. I have been the docs
PTL since Liberty, and together we've converted the entire docs suite to RST,
decommissioned the old DocBook infrastructure, and fundamentally changed the
way projects document their installation procedures. Ocata is a short cycle,
so I want to take this opportunity to focus inwards on our community. I would
love your support to do this in Ocata.

In Mitaka we embarked on an ambitious plan to convert our entire documentation
suite to RST, and in Newton we put the finishing touches to that project by
decommissioning the old DocBook infrastructure. With that long-term project
complete, we have gone on to develop a new publication model that allows
projects to write documentation in their own repos, and publish seamlessly to
the docs.openstack.org front page. This project goes live for the Installation
Guide and API docs with Newton, and means our documentation efforts are
continuing to scale out to represent a much greater proportion of products,
contributors, operators, and users. I would like to continue this work in
Ocata by evaluating the success of the project, and identifying more efficient
and productive pathways for users to find and use the information provided by
the docs team. I also want to explore more innovative ways for the
documentation team to work together, including a review of the speciality team
and release processes. I want to continue to foster collaboration between
developers and writers to provide the best possible documentation for the
entire OpenStack community.

During Newton, in addition to the Installation Guide changes, we focussed on
streamlining our processes, clarifying the way we operate, consolidating
guides, and general editing and tidying up. I want to continue this work in
Ocata to provide a better documentation experience for everyone: writers,
developers, operators, and users.

In the Liberty release cycle, we closed just over 600 bugs, and in Mitaka we
closed 645. With the rate of new bug creation rapidly dropping thanks to
procedural changes we made in Mitaka, our consistent effort has really paid
down a lot of our technical debt. For Newton so far, we've closed well over
400 bugs, and we have only 327 bugs in the queue as I write this, so this
positive trend continues.

I'll be making the trek to Barcelona soon for the Ocata summit, to catch up
with old friends and hopefully meet some of our newest contributors. Please be
sure to stop for a chat if you see me around. I'm also excited about the new
Project Team Gathering coming up in February; I think this will be a great
opportunity for cross-project teams like docs.

I'd love to have your support for the PTL role for Ocata. I'm looking forward
to continuing to grow the documentation team and to keep working on these
incremental improvements to content delivery.

Lana (@loquacities)


Lana Brindley
Technical Writer
Rackspace Cloud Builders Australia

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