[openstack-dev] [all] Ocata Design Summit - Proposed slot allocation

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Tue Sep 13 08:49:29 UTC 2016

Hi PTLs,

Here is the proposed slot allocation for project teams at the Ocata
Design Summit in Barcelona. This is based on the requests the current
PTLs have made, adjusted to account for limited space availability.

| fb: fishbowl 40-min slots (Wednesday afternoon - Friday morning)
| wr: workroom 40-min slots (Wednesday afternoon - Friday morning)
| cm: Friday afternoon contributors meetup

Neutron: 10fb cm

Nova: 13fb cm

Cinder: 4fb 4wr cm

Ironic: 4fb 4wr cm

Horizon: 1fb 5wr cm

Keystone: 4fb 7wr cm

Heat: 3fb 6wr cm

Murano: 1fb 3wr

Oslo: 3fb 5wr cm

Manila: 2fb 3wr cm

Monasca: 1fb 5wr

Telemetry: 2fb 3wr cm

Glance: 2fb 2wr cm

OpenStackClient: 1fb 1wr

Magnum: 5fb 5wr cm

Tacker: 1fb 3wr cm

Rally: 1fb 2wr

Sahara: 7wr cm

Swift: 2fb 10wr cm

Trove: 2fb 3wr cm

Dragonflow: 1fb 4wr cm

Senlin: 4wr

Designate: 1fb 5wr

Mistral: 1fb 2wr cm

Watcher: 1fb 3wr cm

Karbor: 1fb 5wr

Freezer: 1fb 3wr

Searchlight: 1fb 2wr

Kuryr: 1fb 6wr

Zaqar: 1fb 2wr

Barbican: 1fb 6wr

Vitrage: 1fb 3wr

Congress: 1fb 3wr

Solum: 1fb

Winstackers: 1wr

CloudKitty: 1fb

Astara: 1fb

EC2API: 1wr

Fuel: 2fb 4wr cm

TripleO: 2fb 4wr

OpenStackAnsible: 2fb 8wr cm

PuppetOpenStack: 1fb 2wr

Kolla: 3fb 10wr cm

OpenStack Charms: 2fb 2wr

RpmPackaging: 1fb 2wr

OpenStack Salt: 1wr

ChefOpenstack: 1fb 2wr

Packaging-deb: 1fb 2wr

Infrastructure: 1fb 5wr cm

Quality Assurance: 3fb 4wr cm

Documentation: 4fb 3wr cm

Release mgmt: 1fb 1wr cm*

Requirements: 1fb cm*

Security: 2fb 3wr

Stable maint: 2fb cm*

I18n: cm

App catalog: 1fb 1wr

OpenStack UX: 1fb 1wr

Refstack: 2wr

*: shared contributors meetup between Release Management, Stable
maintenance and Requirements teams

Kendall and I will start working on laying out those sessions over the
available rooms and time slots. Some of you have communicated
constraints together with their room requests (like Manila not wanting
overlap with Cinder sessions), and we'll try to accommodate them the
best we can. If you have extra constraints you haven't communicated yet,
please reply to me ASAP. Also if you don't plan to use all of your
allocated slots, let us know so that we can propose them to other teams.

Time to start thinking about the content you'd like to cover during
those sessions and warm up those Ocata etherpads !


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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