[openstack-dev] [kolla][elections] PTL candidacy

Michał Jastrzębski inc007 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 14:40:51 UTC 2016


You all hopefully know me as inc0 on IRC. I would like to submit my candidacy
for the PTL position in the following cycle.

I think we, as a team, did a tremendous job in last cycles, ensuring that Kolla
is and will be the great project to work on and to use. Opensource
project is only
as good as its community, and Kolla has proven many times over that it excels in
this front. PTL is just a the first among equals, facilitator for group,
but it's the group that is important. I would be happy to help our community
as PTL to grow while keeping its openness, friendliness, equality and diversity.

I have been a developer in operations teams for 5 years now. In my
opinion Kolla is
an operators' tool which means operators' priorities should be also Kolla's top
priorities. That means stability, careful maintenance of stable branches,
good documentation, troubleshooting and maintenance procedures.

You might know me by my work, which includes:

* Upgrade playbooks
* OSIC cluster testing kickoff
* Customization mechanism for Dockerfiles
* Parts of HA infrastructure
* Early logging infrastructure

My hope for our project, first and foremost, is to provide operators way to
deploy and run OpenStack in a way that will not cost them their nerves. It's my
aspiration for our community that we make sure that OpenStack can be easily and
quickly deployed, upgraded, maintained and scalable. I joined Kolla because I
thought this project holds potential to help achieve these goals (which are
still the biggest issues in OpenStack, according to user survey), and
I believe I
was right to do so.

As PTL my technical goals for Ocata cycle would be:

* Make Kolla easy to extend - there are lots of snowflakes
* Ensure that all the tools are present for large scale deployments - 300+ node
* Provide easier config management and overrides for non-ini configs
* Work on multi-node CI jobs - to ensure HA
* Work on upgrade CI jobs
* Split up kolla-ansible, but keep it as reference implementation for this cycle
* Deliver kolla-kubernetes 1.0
* Ensure high security of Kolla-deployed OpenStack
* Adhere to feedback from our early adopters and evaluators

My goals for our community will include:

* Keep Kolla community diverse. We are one of most diverse project, and we want
  to keep it. This is sign of healthy community.
* Extend Kolla's reach to operators and help operators to have their voice and
  commits included in Kolla project
* Keep Kolla growing and ensure that as it grows, it won't close up for
  newcomers, that resonates nicely with diversity
* Make a "Woot for Kolla" tradition in our weekly meetings:)

I am very grateful for a vote of confidence from You and I promise to do my
very best to ensure that Kolla remains a great project, friendly community and
dependable toolset for production OpenStacks.


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